Berkshire Choral International

Your planning, our future

As a friend of Berkshire Choral International, you may be concerned about our long-term growth and stability. Thanks for thinking of us. As you write or review your will, consider a charitable bequest to BCI. You’ll be passing on the joy of choral music to the next generation.

We do encourage you to consult your attorney or financial advisor first.

Questions? Please contact Lusha Martin at or 413-229-1310.

The Da Capo Society

The Da Capo Society* was formed to honor our friends who have included BCI in their wills. Please let us know if you’re one of them. We’d like to express our thanks for this most meaningful of gifts.

*Da Capo (dah-KAH-po; It., “from the head.”): An instruction to repeat a musical composition or movement from the beginning.


A bequest can take several forms:

  • An unrestricted legacy that allows BCI to use your gift where it is most needed
  • A restricted bequest, designated for a particular purpose such as the Berkshire Scholar Program
  • A gift to the BCI endowment fund, with the net income of your gift directed to a program of your choice
  • A bequest of a specific sum or a percentage of your estate
  • A trust created in a will
  • A specific asset, such as personal or rental property
  • A contingent bequest in which BCI receives assets if there are no surviving beneficiaries
  • A residual bequest in which BCI receives a portion or all of your estate after all expenses, liabilities, and other bequests have been fulfilled

Charitable gift annuities

With a charitable gift annuity, you can make a substantial gift to Berkshire Choral International and receive guaranteed income from those assets for yourself or a beneficiary you name as long as you and/or the beneficiary lives. The annuity is a contract between you and BCI, which guarantees a fixed amount of return on your gift for life. You can fund your annuity with cash or marketable securities.

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