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Come to BCI and Sing Away the Stress

March 9, 2017

The American Psychological Association found 57% of Americans say they are experiencing “significant stress” in their daily lives because of the current state of the world. When more than half the country is stressed to the max that’s not healthy, and it means people are desperately looking for a healthy outlet to recharge, recoup and recover.

One of the most underrated aspects of a week at Berkshire Choral International, an education nonprofit devoted to giving accomplished amateur singers a chance to perform with renowned conductors and symphonies, is the gift of focusing on music in a stress-free environment. Think about it – when was the last time you spent a solid week focused exclusively on something you truly enjoy without any interruptions? You probably can’t remember because your cell phone just went off with a reminder about the meeting you have tonight and you still haven’t been to the grocery store and you forgot to pick up the dry cleaning and…

You get the point. But once you arrive at BCI, you have one week of uninterrupted choral bliss. One week of being in a beautiful location where your lodging is taken care of. One week of not worrying about cooking or grocery shopping because all of your meals are provided. One week of practice and singing with fellow choristers and professional conductors there to support and nourish your love of singing.

Mindfulness and living in the moment sounds like simple concepts, but are actually very difficult to attain. We invite you to join us not only for music, learning, and camaraderie, but also to enjoy a unique opportunity to let the noisy discourse of the world be replaced with joyous song and space to focus and recharge.

Being able to sing in a breathtaking setting among friends both new and old is at the very heart of why BCI is still thriving three decades after its founding. We invite you discover what it’s like to spend one week focused exclusively on something you love, and go back out into the world with a song in your heart and a spirit renewed.

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